At Chocolate Bar Café, we offer a variety of in-house, fresh-baked cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries of the like.

Each day we are stocked with a number of different options, though some flavors occur only seasonal. 

We offer custom cake, cupcakes, and pastries by special order!



We keep our cake fridge stocked with a number of cakes that are available everyday.

These cakes include both ice cream cakes and regular cakes.

If you can't find what you would like in our everyday stock, we also offer custom cake orders! 

Custom cake orders require a few days to a few weeks in advance (depending on complexity), as well as a deposit up front. 

To place your custom cake order call us at (313) 881-2888 or email us at




Almond, Banana Split, Black Forest, Butter Pecan, Carrot Cake, Cherry Chip, Cookies ‘n’ Cream, Coconut, Creamsicle, Double Chocolate, Espresso, German Chocolate, M&M, Mint Chip, Mocha, Mounds, Neopolitan, Pistachio, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, S’mores, Wedding Cake, Turtle, Strawberry

Wavy Cupcakes: Chocolate, Caramel, Fat Elvis

Seasonal cupcakes may vary

To place your custom cupcake order call us at (313) 881-2888 or email us at   




Something a little different...

For the days when cake or ice cream just won't cut it, we offer a selection of pastries such as cookies, brownies, biscotti, scones, and muffins, as well as a number of chocolate and caramel dipped delights such as strawberries, pretzels, and apples.

These delectable treats are made fresh and can vary in supply from day to day. 

To place your custom order call us at (313) 881-2888 or email us at